Dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows 7 was not working very well for me to use Microsoft Money. I typically use Excel along with Money to plan which bills to pay. I have Excel on the Mac but not on Windows 7. This clearly doesn’t work in a dual-boot environment.

Since I have Excel on the Mac, I went looking for Quicken for Mac. There is no current edition of Quicken for Mac OS X 10.5 and later! Intuit does have a beta of Quicken Financial Life for Mac, so I downloaded that and tried it. This is my micro-review of that product.

The first account I tried to enter was not on their list of banks, so there will be no integrated Quicken download of transactions. Apparently I can download them myself from the bank website and import them into Quicken. No thanks; I want better integration than that.

The second account I tried is on their bank list but I am requested to endanger my accounts by reducing the length of my password before proceeding. To 4 characters! No thanks.

I immediately deleted the program.