What’s all the fuss about multi-tasking on the iPhone and iPad?

Do you know any non-geeks? Have you never observed how they use a computer? The first thing they learn how to do is maximize their windows.

For instance, I recently purchased a new PC for my church office. I bought a nice big LCD monitor, figuring it would increase productivity. Does the admin have two windows open side by side now? No, she still maximizes all the windows. She probably does appreciate it when using MS Publisher, but otherwise has lots of empty white space on the screen.

On the other hand, I think Apple has missed an opportunity here to help both the user and the developer. Restoring the app exactly as it last appeared before the user pressed the Home button should be an OS function, not an app function. Why can’t the OS just sleep and restore an app like it can on a Mac?

Enough ranting for now. I have to go figure out how to do this for my MonoTouch app…