Many bits have been spilled on the alleged changes to section 3.3.1 of Apple’s iPhone developer agreement. John Gruber broke the story on Daring Fireball. Hundreds of articles, from sources as disparate as bloggers and the BBC, have written about it.

My personal plan for reacting to the alleged changes in 3.3.1 in the absence of any further information regarding MonoTouch is as follows.

Step 1: Complete the free version of Ina Ruwa with MonoTouch. Postpone paid app enhancements and other MonoTouch app development.

Step 2: Evaluate porting Ina Ruwa to Objective-C. To that end, I’ve purchased and received Jeff Lamarche’s iPhone dev books: Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK and More iPhone 3 Development: Tackling iPhone SDK 3 (Beginning).

Step 3: Download Android SDK; evaluate porting Ina Ruwa to Java, not MonoDroid.

Step 4: Make C# vs Obj-C vs abandon iPhone platform decision.

I hope this gets resolved positively in MT’s favor before I get to step 4 because I much prefer C#/MT/MD to Obj-C/Xcode. Presently, I’m not optimistic that is going to happen.