What’s the scariest communication a developer can receive from Apple?

From: App Review Subject: Python Math: Application Submission Feedback

Hello Terry,

My name is Cathy and I’m writing on behalf of the App Review Team at Apple.

I would like to talk to you about your app.

At your earliest convenience, can you please give me a phone number where you can be reached?

It’s bad news, as I suspected.

An audit of Python Math, my most successful app, shows that it violates developer agreement paragraph 2.7 because it allows users to download and execute software from the internet. I don’t know why this was overlooked in the review process. The description of each new capability was very clear as I incrementally added them. But sloppiness of their review process is no defense.

I must remove iTunes file sharing and any other method for transferring scripts from outside the app. The Apple rep told me that the only acceptable scripts are those that the user types into the app. That’s nice for learning a little bit of Python, but makes the app unusable as a real tool.

Is it worth spending any more time on a scripting app into which the user cannot easily transfer scripts?