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Trip Computer app complements your driving, biking, and walking navigation apps, by providing additional information.

  • Name of city you’re traveling through
  • City population
  • Current, average, and maximum speed since trip reset
  • Distance traveled since trip reset
  • Time traveled and stopped since trip reset
  • Current, minimum, and maximum elevation since trip reset

There are three trips available to you, Trip A, Trip B, and Trip C. These are on the first three tabs. Each trip can be independently reset and paused. Here are some examples for using each trip, but you can be creative.

If you’re taking a road trip, you could use Trip A for the whole trip, Trip B for each day, and Trip C for each driving leg of the day. You would reset Trip B each day and Trip C at the beginning of each leg. Pause all of them at the end of each day’s driving if you want only driving time/rest breaks included in your average speed.

If you’re driving to hike, bike, or run somewhere, you could use Trip A and B for driving and Trip C for each hike/run/bike trip. In this case, you might want to pause Trip A and B while hiking.

In addition, there’s a tab to read the Verse of The Day from YouVersion’s Bible app and a tab about Trip Computer.

Trip Computer uses the GPS on your phone and will ask permission to do so. Please select “While Using App.” Trip Computer does not need to run in the background and so you wouldn’t select “Always.”

On the other hand, Trip Computer does not use the internet for anything. Therefore, you can use it while in airplane mode or out of cellular range. GPS continues to work while you are in airplane mode.

Be aware that using GPS can drain your battery. We expect that you will use Trip Computer as an adjunct to your navigation app. Trip Computer will not use any additional battery while they’re both running. They share access to the GPS. If you’re driving, you can be plugged into power as needed. While hiking, biking, or running, you can use airplane mode to minimize battery usage.